Peoples Education Launches Measuring Up Express for the NYS Test

Peoples Education Launches Measuring Up Express TM for the NYS Test Quick and Easy Test Preparation Now Available for Mathematics, Grades 3-8.

Peoples Education Launches Measuring Up Express for the NYS Test

Saddle Brook, New Jersey, February 4, 2010 – Peoples Education, a leading provider of supplemental educational material for the K-12 school market, today announced the addition of Mathematics, grades 3-8 materials to the successful Measuring Up ExpressTM for the NYS Test program. The Measuring Up ExpressTM line also includes grade 8 Science materials to prepare students for the NYS Test in Science. The Mathematics, grades 3-8 program, includes student worktexts, Diagnostic Practice Tests, and Formative Assessments, and provides excellent preparation for the 2010 test and beyond.

“Peoples Education has a history of responding to New York educators’ needs promptly and with high-quality NYS Learning Standards and NYS Test-customized content,” commented Brian T. Beckwith, the company’s President and CEO. “This new mathematics NYS Test preparation and review program is no exception.”

The Measuring Up ExpressTM worktexts are a companion to the successful Measuring Up® to the New York State Learning Standards program. The new books address recent changes to the Grade 3-8 Mathematics Testing Program, with lessons on prior year May-June Performance Indicators and exclusive 2010 Transition Lessons that cover March-April review content from the prior year to prepare students for the May test.

“The instructors at Mechanicville Middle School have successfully used the Measuring Up® series to accommodate various classroom situations,” commented Maria Fusco, a retired Mechanicville Middle School teacher. “The versatility of the materials and alignment to state standards allows the instructor and the students to manage the skills that have either been mastered or need further attention.”

In areas where students need extra instructional support, Measuring Up® lessons can be selected for in-depth standards coverage. For quick and easy test review 3-6 weeks prior to the NYS Test, Measuring Up ExpressTM is the perfect tool. The short lessons provide a brief review of the standards, as well as test practice in the style and format of the NY Test.

The Measuring Up ExpressTM program includes free Formative Assessments as blackline masters so teachers can monitor student progress at the end of every chapter. Two free Diagnostic Practice Tests for each student allow teachers to diagnose student weaknesses and prescribe review lessons in the Measuring Up ExpressTM OR Measuring Up® worktexts. This diagnose-prescribe-instruct model in the Measuring Up® program has helped over 1.4 million New York students improve test scores.

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